Deluxe Aluminium Pet Door


V1 Deluxe Aluminium

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Cut Out Template:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find flap adjustment and replacement instructions at the end of the installation videos below, or follow these easy steps:

V1 Flap Replacement/Adjustment

  1. Remove the outer frame with the flap attached
  2. Remove the screws at the top of the frame securing the flap
  3. Using a flat head screwdriver, pry open the metal strip/bar that clasps the flap in place
  4. Position new flap in frame, push down the strip/bar to clasp the flap in place and secure with screws
  5. Screw the pet door frame back in place

V2 Flap Replacement/Adjustment

  1. Remove screws on flap holder
  2. Remove flap
  3. Replace flap and align
  4. Adjust flap to desired height and tighten screws

TIP: For less noise or magnet strength, adjust the flap to a higher position.

An Extra Wide Tunnel Kit is available for the Deluxe Aluminium Pet Door. Install into doors and walls up to 140mm.

Depending on the size and shape of your exisiting pet door you may need to adjust the cut out hole. Cut out dimensions for the Deluxe Aluminium Pet Door are as follows:

SML: 202mm(W) x 283mm(H)
MED: 257mm(W) x 361mm(H)
LGE: 316mm(W) x 460mm(H)
XL: 396mm(W) x 637mm(H)

Deluxe Aluminium Pet Door Specifications


Deluxe Aluminium Pet Door


Small: White #1162, Black #1166, Silver #5001

Medium: White #1168, Black #1171, Silver #5002

Large: White #1169, Black #1172, Silver #5003

Extra Large: White #1170, Black #1167, Silver #5004

Door Thickness

0mm - 70mm


Flap: 175mm W x 240mm H

Frame: 240mm W x 320mm H


Flap: 225mm W x 320mm H 

Frame: 295mm W x 400mm H


 Flap: 280mm W x 410mm H

Frame: 350mm W x 495mm H

Extra Large

 Flap: 370mm W x 595mm H

Frame: 430mm W x 680mm H


Durable, Robust, Magnetic Catch, Lockable Security Slide

Parts Included

Inner Door Frame, Outer Door Frame, Locking Panel, Metal Screws (4), Height Tunnel Partition (2), Width Tunnel Partition (2)


Aluminium, TPU

* Pet Door sizes may vary from 1-5mm, if unsure of your size, please reach out to customer support.