Essential Pet Door

Measure the height (x) from the
underside of the dog’s stomach
to the floor.

Mark height (x) on door / panel
with tape or similar.

Cut out supplied template, line up
height (x) with opening and trace
on to door, mark screw holes.

Drill a hole in each of the 4 inside corners with a minimum of 10mm (0.4”) drill bit. Then, Drill 6 x 5mm (0.2”) pilot holes as circled above.

Using a reciprocating jigsaw,
cut along marked lines.

Measure thickness of door/panel and add 10mm (3/8”) (x) so tunnel
protrudes each side.
Cut partition down to correct size.

1. Fit all 4 partitions into outer door frame.
2. Duct Tape Corners

Choose the set of screws that match the thickness of your door frame and screw into door from the inside.

WARNING: Over tightening of
screws will cause damage.

If screws protrude, trim using a hacksaw. Take care when trimming bolts to size as cutting on an angle may cause sharp edges or damage to the frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Small and Medium Essential Pet Door's have a clear flexible flap, whereas the Large Essential has a hard plastic frosted flap.

Replacement flaps are available as spare parts, head to our spare parts page here.

Small & Medium Essential Pet Door

  1. Remove the outer frame with the flap attached
  2. Remove the screws at the top of the frame securing the flap
  3. Using a flat head screwdriver, pry open the metal strip/bar that clasps the flap in place
  4. Position new flap in frame, push down the strip/bar to clasp the flap in place and secure with screws
  5. Screw the pet door frame back in place

Large Essential Pet Door

  1. Unscrew / remove the frame with the flap attached from the area it has been installed into.
  2. Sit one flap hinge in place and then wedge a screwdriver between the long edge of the flap and the inner edge of the frame to expand the frame enough for the other hinge to slot back in.
  3. Please note when leveraging the flap in and out of the hinge hole it does require some force but as the plastic flap is slightly flexible, it should be able to take the pressure.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer tunnel extensions for our Super Tough pet doors. You may like to reach out to a tradesperson to see if they're able to assist with a solution.

Depending on the size and shape of your exisiting pet door you may need to adjust the cut out hole. Cut out dimensions for the Essential Pet Door are as follows:

SML: 180mm(W) x 262mm(H)
MED: 235mm(W) x 315mm(H)
LGE: 315mm(W) x 448mm(H)

Essential Pet Door Specifications


Essential Pet Door


Small: White #1164, Black #1184

Medium: White #1165, Black #1185

Large: White #1186, Black #1128

Door Thickness

Small: 70mm

Medium: 70mm

Large: 55mm


Flap: 170mm W x 240mm H

Frame: 225mm W x 295mm H


Flap: 225mm W x 290mm H

Frame: 280mm W x 345mm H


Flap: 300mm W x 420mm H

Frame: 350mm W x 480mm H


Durable, Robust, Magnetic Catch, Locking Slide

Parts Included

Inner Door Frame, Outer Door Frame, Locking Cover, Bolts (6), Nuts (6), Height Tunnel Partition (2), Width Tunnel Partition (2)


ABS Plastic

* Pet Door sizes may vary from 1-5mm, if unsure of your size, please reach out to customer support.