Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I measure my pet for a pet door?
Important: Remember to allow for your pet’s future growth. The weight ratings are to be used as a guide only. Use your pet’s measurements to select the correct size door.

How do I choose the right pet door for my pet?

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the right pet door for your dog or cat: size, style and functionality. First step is to measure your pet to determine what size pet door would best suit, if you have a young pet, be sure to accommodate for their future growth. Once you have the size, view our range to find what style you like best, we have a range of pet doors with hard plastic flaps or flexible flaps and aesthetic appearances to match your home. Another thing to consider is the functionality of your pet door, our comprehensive range of pet doors have multiple features for ease of use and security.

Try our Pet Door Selector Tool.

If you’re still having trouble making a decision, reach out to our customer service team for further assistance.

I have questions about my Patio Pet Door
I want to use my Patio Pet Door in a window, what's the minimum height it fits?

Patio Pet Doors are adjustable within the below measurements:

Size Minimum Height  Max Height

10cm Extensions are available as spare parts, a maximum of 3 x extensions are to be used together.

I’m renting, will the rental safe install of the Glass Patio Pet Door damage my doorframe?

The damage free installation method is intended to hold the pet door in place with pressure, negating the need to screw into your doorframe. For an extra layer of protection, cut small squares of the adhesive Rubber Air Gap Seal (Part H) and apply these where the Pressure Mount Brackets connect to your door frame.

I have an extra tall doorway, how many extensions can I add to my Glass Patio Pet Door?

A maximum of two (2) extensions can be used at the top of the Glass Patio Pet Door.

See the maximum height of the pet door with extensions below:

Small: 242cm / 95.3”

Medium: 243.8cm / 96”

Large: 244.6cm / 96.3”

Can I raise the height of the flap of the Glass Patio Pet Door?

At this time extensions can only be added to the top of the Glass Patio Pet Door. Don’t worry! We’ve got something in the works.


I’ve lost the tool to adjust the height of my Glass Patio Pet Door, can I get another one?

A 6mm and 7mm spanner will get you out of trouble, replacement parts can be purchased from our website here

Do you make the Glass Patio Pet Door in any other colours?

The Glass Patio Pet Door is currently only available in white and black colours. The finish on the pet door is a smooth power coated aluminium, if the available colours do not suit your home, you may like to try painting the pet door to match. 

My door/wall is thicker than the included tunnel, can I get a wider one?

An Extra Wide Tunnel Kit is available for the Deluxe Aluminium Pet Door. Install into doors and walls up to 140mm.

If your door or wall is thicker still: A sturdy sheet material of 1-2mm thickness can be used as an alternative, it just needs to be of this thickness to still join/slot into the frame of the pet door.

Unfortunately we do not currently offer tunnel extensions for our other pet doors. You may like to reach out to a tradesperson to see if they're able to assist with a solution. 

What is the difference between the Super Tough Pet Door and the Deluxe Aluminium?

The Super Tough Pet Door features a durable ABS frame and hard flap with locking pins, available in three sizes, small, medium and large. The Deluxe Aluminium Pet Door has a flexible TPU flap with a sleek aluminium frame, it is available in four sizes, small, medium, large and extra large.

Can I install my pet door into glass?

All our pet doors are suitable for installation into glass; however, you must employ a professional glazier to assist with your install. Do not attempt to cut your glass door/window yourself.

My dog has broken/chewed the door flap, how do I replace it?

Replacement flaps are available as spare parts, head to our spare parts page here.

How do I install my replacement pet door flap?

Deluxe Aluminium & Patio Pet Door

  1. Remove the outer frame with the flap attached
  2. Remove the screws at the top of the frame securing the flap
  3. Using a flat head screwdriver, pry open the metal strip/bar that clasps the flap in place
  4. Position new flap in frame, push down the strip/bar to clasp the flap in place and secure with screws
  5. Screw the pet door frame back in place

Super Tough Pet Door

  1. Unscrew/remove the frame with the flap attached from the area it has been installed into.
  2. Sit one flap hinge in place and then wedge a screwdriver between the long edge of the flap and the inner edge of the frame to expand the frame enough for the other hinge to slot back in. 

Please note when leveraging the flap in and out of the hinge hole it does require some force but as the plastic flap is slightly flexible, it should be able to take the pressure.

Essential Pet Door

  1. Remove the outer frame with the flap attached
  2. Remove the screws at the top of the frame securing the flap
  3. Remove the flap clamp bar/strip and remove old flap
  4. Position new flap in frame, replace strip/bar and secure with screws
  5. Screw the pet door frame back in place


How do I get my pet to use the pet door?

Some pets take to using a pet door very easily, but some need a little more help. Check out our training resource here, to help along your pet.

If we haven't answered your question or you’re still unsure, please reach out to us so we can assist.