Paw Proof Retractable Dog Gate

Frequently Asked Questions

Spare parts are available from our website here, or if you’re unable to find the part you’re after, please reach out to our Customer Support Team for further assistance.

  1. Push and twist the knob to unlock, release
  2. Using the same hand pull the handle to extend the gate

Yes, however please ensure your gate is installed as per the instructions provided with the gate for the chosen location.

Installation at the top of stairs: The barrier should not be
positioned below the top level. Install gate at least 25cm / 10" away from the edge of the first step.

Installation at the bottom of stairs: The barrier should be positioned at the front of the lowest tread.

Use built in tensioning knob to keep mesh extra tight to help prevent smaller dogs from sneaking beneath the gate.

This Paw Proof Retractable Gate has a 3-way locking mechanism.

Quick Unlock: Push & twist the knob to the first notch then release. Pull the handle to extend the gate in one fluid movement, pausing will cause lock to re-engage.

Full Unlock: Push & twist knob to furthest notch then release. Extend and retract the gate freely.

Locked: Always return button to lock position after each use and before tensioning.

Always check your gate is locked before stepping away.

Paw Proof Retractable Gate Specifications


180cm Wide Paw Proof Retractable Dog Gate


White #1174, Grey #1175, Black #1173

Mounting Type

Hardware Mounted

Minimum Opening


Maximum Opening





Indoor/Outdoor, UV & Stain Resistant Mesh, 3-Way-Locking, Retractable Design, One-Handed Operation, Manual Tensioning

Parts Included

Gate Assembly, Installation Guides, Instruction Manual, Gate Mounts (2), Gate Spacers (3), Catch Mount Spacers (3) Catch Mounts (2), Wall Plugs (8), Gate Mount Screws (4), Catch Mount Screws (4)

Available Spare Parts

Mounting Kit, Catch Mount Kit, Spacers Kit


ABS, Nylon, Polyester

Care Instructions

Use soft damp cloth to wipe any scuffs or marks, dry after cleaning. Do not use chemical or abrasive cleaners.