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I’m renting, will the rental safe install damage my doorframe? 

The damage free installation method is intended to hold the pet door in place with pressure, negating the need to screw into your doorframe. For an extra layer of protection, cut small squares of the adhesive Rubber Air Gap Seal (Part H) and apply these where the Pressure Mount Brackets connect to your door frame.

I have an extra tall doorway, how many extensions can I add?

A maximum of two (2) extensions can be used at the top of the Ultimate Patio Pet Door. See the maximum height of the pet door with extensions added below:

Small: 210cm / 82.7”

Medium: 211.8cm / 83.4”

Large: 212.6cm / 83.7”

Can I change the height of the flap?

At this time extensions can only be added to the top of the Ultimate Patio Pet Door. Don’t worry! We’ve got something in the works.

I’ve lost the tool to adjust the height of my pet door, can I get another one?

A 6mm and 7mm spanner will get you out of trouble, replacement parts can be purchased from our website here.

Do you make this pet door in any other colours?

The Ultimate Patio Pet Door is currently only available in white and black. The finish on the pet door is a smooth power coated aluminium, if the available colours do not suit your home, you may like to try painting the pet door to match.

How do I get my dog/cat to use the pet door?

Check out our helpful training tips here

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